The Black Print: 12 Month Program

Boys Only 14 - 18 years old

100 boys create an investment group. They are mentored via Edward Jones, Largo Financial and Males Who Own financial service brokerages.

1st 90 Days They tour Dallas looking at Investment opportunities While being mentored

2nd 90 Days They Work collectively 10 groups of 10 to set up Their investment group while being mentored

3rd 90 Days They take a tour of investment firms, FDIC, Federal Reserve, and other financial locations. No Mentorship - just chaperone

4th 90 Days - intense 1:1 with all boys with various mentors and male leaders. The final month is an event where they present in their teams and the selected team wins the opportunity which ALL participate in as their one group.

They boys are able to work on all their other investment choices not selected for the next 12 months if they choose BUT they are responsible for 90% of the activities.

Weekend CEO

A weekend program we run Feb - May.

It’s the opportunity to shadow CEO’s and attend events that CEO’s attend.

It’s Mentorship and internship opportunities

Millionaire Weekend

It’s a 3 day intensive

4 millionaire mentors team up workshop style to train students for 3 days while they stay at a mansion for the weekend.

We do have an adult version BUT we never mix the teens with the adults.

Scholarships are avail for this one - it’s our only PAID event

C.E.O. (Community Economic Opportunity)

This is where political leaders spend time discussing economics with the youth for 6 weeks.

They are able to complete a Service Learning Project typically with a political agenda set by the mentor politicians who mentor them during this program.

Action Has No Season Conference & Course

This is 8 week Course learning about various industries they can participate in with or without a college degree.

We promote college and trade school, but we teach them about funding options, creative ways to pay, what to do with scholarships.

Budgeting their college lifestyle and what happens when they don’t go to college and help them with business set up and proper networking when they don’t choose college.

They are able to work directly with Billionaire Mogul Dr. Michael V. Roberts during this program.

It’s also online and as well as in person. It’s very hands-on.

They get both his books to use for this course.

They also receive letters of Recommendation and a certificate from this course.

Paid 2 Lead

Social Media Learning platform with several courses 6 weeks and 8 weeks for this course.

It’s all social media etiquette, monetizing, and detailed value on becoming and influencer.

One of my mentees I have been working with since he was 19 (25 now) runs this course.

He has over 1 billion views and well over 1 million followers on Facebook.

We have 65 social media influencers with 50 million followers and billions of views across all social media who help facilitate this.

It has a certificate and is the most popular! We teach them how to budget and deal with the income from social media and how to set it up for business.

I GOT FUNDED by Dr. Omai Kofi

Millionaire Weekend Workshop


#JustPayMe Session 11:15a

You will learn how to properly fill out lending documents PLUS:

Recruiting Credit Partners

Speaking “Bank”


Beat Discrimination

Best Months To Get Funded

Completing Six Vs. Seven Figure Applications

Building Relationships With Investors & Lenders


You will learn how to create proposals for funding PLUS:

Executive Summary

Investor Memorandum

P & L Statement


Free Funding Templates

Free Proposal Templates

1 30 Minute 1:1 Strategy Consulting


I Got Funded Workshop Covers Setting Up Your Calendars.


Share The Wealth Group Activity

Pitch Practice

B R E A K 12:15p

#ReadySetWealth Session 12:30a

Investment & Funding Interactive Pitch Session

E N D 1:00p

Debt 2 Investor

Benefits of the Debt 2
Investor Program

Choose Your Own Payment Schedule

You Receive A Complete Credit Analysis

You Never Have To Deal w/ Credit Bureaus

Credit Monitoring With All 3 Bureaus

Direct Notifications Throughout Restoration

Credit Tips, Education & Financial Literacy


This interactive entrepreneurial experience teaches youth the value of supply & demand. Youth are able to:

1. Create A Product and or Service based off the demand of the marketplace.

A. They conduct a quick survey with the other youth for market research purposes.

B. They create a think tank mastermind group(s) to execute bringing that demand to market

C. They open a business which supplies the demand.

2. Create A Marketing Campaign such as a;


B. Commercial

C. Advertisement

3. Share the marketing idea with their market

4. The market is now able to purchased based off their need and desire of the product or service.

THE EXCHANGE | Shopping Experience

Vendor booths/tables or mock stores will be available to create a shopping experience.

This is the consumer, customer, client side of the program.

Before You Shop

0. Create a budget: Can or should I afford this?

1. Determine true need: is there a better price, etc.?

2. Assess Liabilities: can I write this off, etc.?

Pros & Cons

Can I wait?


The Power Of A Wish List



How do the youth receive money and credit? Based off a quick financial questionnaire

(similar to the old game M.A.S.H. Funds are distributed accordingly).

Based off desired family outcome (marriage/single)

Based off desired income pursuits (job/business)

Based off desired living conditions (home/apt)

Based off desired family size (children/pets)

Based off desired wealth (will, Trust, Investments)

Based off desired education & literacy Plan

Youth will determine their survey results based off or the alike. They will use current market prices for their desired area, costs of living, costs of education: to gather their income potential and expense potential. They can use this to create a mock budget using Numbers app, excel or pen & paper.

Youth will receive a check

They can cash their check

They will receive cash & credit

They can shop based off their budget

Once youth complete their shopping experience, the room does a total spend survey and look at how much money the companies made and how much buying power they have.

I know this seems like a lot but tools, links, and other materials will help expedite and aid in the time intervals. Ideally this is a 2 - 4 hour experience.


The learning is 1 - 2 hours

The applying is 1 - 2 hours

Each exercise should take about 10 - 20 minutes


Music can be played in the background during group time.

Groups can be broken up into 5 - 6 people

2 - 4 volunteers will be needed to aid resources,
make time, and assist with questions

Materials Needed

Play money

Play credit /debit / gift cards

Cash register or shopping technology

Checks (blank or play checks)

Poster board or white boards (easels)

Markers, Pens


I Got Funded Workshop Covers Setting Up Your Calendars.

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