The Mission of The Board of Literacy, Inc. 501( c ) ( 3 ) is:

To advance the financial quotient of our youth.

How it Works

We provide financial literacy and education through our mentorship – matching and our group development programs.

We service at-risk marginalized youth and their care-givers. We service our youth through individual as well as group trainings and development.

Our focus is to connect our program participants to financial education tools and free resources they can utilize during their financial literacy journey to include: anger management technology, hands-on character development in our group sessions, and exposure to literacy opportunities available to them to help them advance in their lives.


Dr. Omai Kofi

Founder & President

The Board Of Literacy, Inc.

501 (c)(3) Financial Literacy Charity ,

“Wealth In, Wealth Out”

701 Commerce St. Dallas, Texas 75202


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