We provide

financial literacy and education

through our mentorship – matching and our group development programs.

We service at-risk marginalized youth and their care-givers. We service our youth through individual as well as group trainings and development.



Financial Literacy

Our Founder

In 2006 Dr. Omai Kofi began working with homeless youth and communities in Dallas, Texas Metroplex through her Man In The Mirror Program. Speaking to various homeless people and organizations about the underlying issues facing homelessness.

During speaking to the youth, discovering their economic disadvantages and learning how much they needed more than scripture, bibles, clothes, food and blankets, she decided to take some of them into her home along with her 2 Business partners at the time.

Most of the people they assisted needed rehabilitation, resources and hope. Seeing there was a larger need for prevention, when Omai moved to Georgia, she created a socioeconomic platform, Omai Edutainment, for youth ages 14 - 18 in Atlanta, GA.

The State Of Georgia paid working wages to her 19 interns for the Summer Of 2010 to work in her film and production company. While the youth learned on the job skills, they learned soft-skills, character development, relationship skills and financial literacy.

Those youth all went on to college and had skills they did not obtain from traditional education. In preventative efforts, Financial Literacy has been the missing element in all the cases Omai has encountered in homelessness and even within the workforce.

The Board Of Literacy

Founder & President

The Board Of Literacy, Inc.

501 (c)(3) Financial Literacy Charity , president@theboardofliteracy.org

“Wealth In, Wealth Out”

All Odds

In 2005 at the age of 26 Omai began making a six-figure Income, became an investor and was continuing her legal studies education. After Citi Financial went through 2 downsizes, she left Corporate America to become a full time marketing & media entrepreneur and evangelist. During that time, Omai also went through a divorce and had to face harsh personal life conditions thereafter. Having gone through bankruptcy, going in and out of poverty, through 3rd generation welfare and homeless herself from 2006 - 2011, it was The Power Of Building Relationships and the search for Financial Literacy that helped her make it through those dark-sides of entrepreneurship, coming of age and finding her way into a better socioeconomic position in life.

The Odds

By 2012 Omai made a decision to go back to corporate America, become a homeowner and get out of the constant off & on economic struggles. In 2015 Omai attempted again to become an investor, entrepreneur and business owner and has been successful ever since. This longer term success has undoubtedly stemmed from Omai taking the time to learn finance, study economics and work with mentors who were wealthy and helped her realize the importance of Financial Literacy. She decided to share her journey through charity, Mentorship, grouponimics and called it The Board in 2015 which now has become The Board Of Literacy, Inc. a Financial Literacy charity where the mission at is: Advancing The Financial Quotient Of Our Youth.

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